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TMJ Brace Immobilizer™


TempOrthotics™ braces are designed for use with oral appliances to offer relief from stress and tension in the temporalis and masseter muscle groups by cradling the mandible in the desired, forward, close-mouthed position.

The Immobilizer™ provides a more secure fit in cases where less movement of the patient’s TMJ is desired, such as during post-craniofacial surgery when it is necessary that the jaw remain in a secure, stable, closed position. This brace can also be used for stress relief in cases where a patient’s jaw is wired closed by helping to curb the urge to strain the jaw muscles against the internal restraints.

These products are for post-surgical, therapeutic, and short-term use only. TempOrthotics advises its consumers to seek the advice of their sleep or dental professional prior to usage. Use only as directed for purpose intended. Product is non-refundable once opened. Returns accepted unopened with proof of purchase provided.

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Price: $75.00

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